Persuasive Essay On Horse Slaughter

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Is a horse considered a man’s best friend? Horses have been by our side for over six thousand years helping us and companioning our long days of evolution and work. They have most definitely become as close to us humans as any other pet would be. Other countries, however, don’t appreciate the strong bond that we have built for so long. Foreign countries have come to believe that horse’s meat is tender and delicious enough to serve on their plates! Just last year, over 135,000 horses were slaughtered with their meat being shipped to foreign seas (Finch). Horse meat has grown to be in very high demand in foreign countries which results in many slaughterhouses to be popping all over the world. Sadly in the United States, Canada, and Mexico is the main places in the world where these beautiful companion creatures are gathered, slaughtered, butchered and shipped off to foreign countries (Fact Sheet). There is much controversy on whether the slaughtering of horses should be allowed or not because the entire process that they go through is so bad and petrifying to the point where being dead is the best option that they can possibly have (Horse Slaughter-Wikipedia). Even though horse meat is in high demand for human consumption, it is inhuman because slaughterhouses use…show more content…
First, the horses are bought from local sale auctions. Most people that take their horses to sell in their believe and hope that their horse is going to end up in a good home to be ridden, fed well, and treated as any other good pet should be treated(Transport to Slaughter-Humane Society). But reality is that they will more than likely be bought by a person called a kill buyer. Kill buyers go to auctions all over the country to buy horses that seem like they would make a good ration for consumption. This is where their long, tormenting journey to their agonizing death
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