Persuasive Essay On House Cleaning

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Are you always obsessed by house cleaning? For most of people (majority is woman), the answer is yes, "very" yes.

Being exhausted from daily work, shopping for food on your way home to prepare evening meal. If you have kid(s), you may have to pick them up from school and then go home and rush for cooking, do some cursory cleaning and the result is your house is still a mess until the weekend when you will spare time to force you to do it.

Hiring helper and pay for hours may be a solution but it is not a best idea for low-income family, even average ones. Moreover, there are private reasons related to this matter, not just the budget problem.

Finally, if there is no way but doing it by yourself, let 's try to make it less stressful and more efficient. Here are some advices that may help:

1/ Dress to fit the job

First of all, you need to be comfortable in your own clothes while doing chores and cleaning your house. Being lazy to take off your tight jean pants to put on some kind of baggy things is an example for this.

You can even equip yourself with "protective stuff" like apron, gauze keep balance your mood during the process of cleaning. Believe me, anything can help you mitigate or keep you away from dirty environment can save your bad mood of being exhausted after finishing cleaning.

2/ Make your family involved in the job

This is very useful and sufficient way to save you from negative emotion to think that you are the only one to take care of all the

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