Importance Of Being A Baseball Player Persuasive Essay

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With baseball season around the corner. I thought I would write a post or two on making a fun positive and engaging season for everyone- the little leaguer, parents, coaches, siblings. It’s a bitter sweet time of year. We love baseball we enjoy watching our kids and their teammates playing and having fun. But Let’s face it sometimes we dread the season to begin. Who will the coach be? Is my child going to play? Is my child as talented as other peers his age?

There are other things besides talent that make a great baseball player. You can have all the talent be naturally gifted as a baseball player. But if your not coachable, if you don’t listen to what the coaches are teaching you, if you have a bad attitude, if your a egocentric player instead of a team player. Well then most
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If you’re playing in the out field, you accept the challenge and become the best out fielder you can be. If you complain about it, expect more of playing the bench.

By complaining, you as a player are simply saying. That you are not a team player and you are only out for yourself. And your not willing to show you have heart to play where ever the coach puts you. Remember baseball is a team sport.

There are 9 positions on that field. And believe me Every Position on that field is important. If you don’t want to play your position, believe me someone else will. So by saying that you should be playing another position and a teammate should be in the out field,a player shows his egotistical self.

Communication is key to get your point across. Not self pity or pouting,pull your coach aside after a practice or game. Express to him how much you’d love to play another position. Ask for tips that you can do to make yourself better to play there. At the same time always let the coach know that you’ll play wherever he and the team needs you.

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