Process Essay: Is It Important To Be Successful?

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Be prepared: Confucius quoted, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure”. It is always a good thing to go through your day prepared. If you know what you’re going to be taught, it is worth it to read ahead if it is possible. If you are going to have some exams or tests on the day, it is common sense that you prepare very well for them. If there are things you will need at school on a particular day (including lunch, homework, tools etc.), it is expedient to get them packed and ready the night prior. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises so if you can prevent them, please do so. You will enjoy the day better that way. Having a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast can also help you get prepared physiologically for the day. Pursue interests: If you have the opportunity to choose your subjects or topics, always go for those you’re most interested in when possible. I understand this may not be feasible always, but it is in some cases. If you don’t have the opportunity to choose subjects you’re interested in, do not hate subjects you are not interested in. Rather always seek the understanding of these subjects/topics and solve more questions or examples in that subject or topic. This will give you some confidence to know you can study it and it will take away the fear of the subject.…show more content…
Mr. Aquaye was a very nice gentleman who heaped lots of assignments on me after teaching me a topic. The arduous tasks were not to break me but to make me. I quickly realised that hard work, usually, does not make you bitter but better. As I laboured through the tasks, I quickly became better at them. I was a sub-average maths student before meeting Mr. Aquaye but after nearly three years of his “torture”, I became the best maths student in my class. I attribute this chiefly to hard
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