Argumentative Essay: Is It Wrong To Break The Law?

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Laws are created by humans so that there exists a certain order in society and to make sure justice is prevalent. Are the people who are making the laws infallible? Are they free of prejudices and biases? Do they always pass laws which are just to every person in society?
The answers to all those questions is 'NO '. The real question is what should man do when these law makers pass laws which aren 't fair to others that co-exist with us? In situations like these, humans should break the laws and do the right thing. But then again, how do you reason what is right? That it 's okay to break the law? how do you give yourself the courage to break the law and suffer its consequences? You think about the cause you 're supporting and see the good or legitimate reason you 're fighting for. If injustice or unfairness prevails in the society, then we should do what is right and fight for what we believe in. If someone 's being treated in a way you wouldn 't want to be treated, then change that. What you do to change that is justified.
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You 're breaking the law because the fundamental principles of right conduct are more important than legalities, customs and enactments. Instead of conforming to the laws made, you are conforming to rules of right conduct. Breaking the law on moral grounds means you 're making a distinction between right and wrong and choosing the right. Things that are not morally defensible should not be the law and if it is it, it has to be broken on moral grounds. Sometimes, conscience can be a higher authority than the laws. If the law is unjust, it is regarded to be wrong. It seems like that the law was made to be
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