Persuasive Speech On Eating Tomato

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“Red” here refers to tomato, chilli, red carrots, watermelon (with red flesh), grapefruit (with red flesh) and etc. One day one tomato helps male to cut off 45% of the risk of getting prostate cancer. Do you all know that eating tomato lower your risk from getting bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer? Lycopene has also been shown to lowered rates of prostate cancer, colon cancer and heart disease while warding off breast cancer. But, let me ask you do you know how to eat tomato? Some say they eat raw tomato, some say they eat raw slices tomatoes together with sugar, and worst still, some even eat tomato with beer. This eating habit is pointless as you won’t benefit from the tomato you ate and the tomato itself…show more content…
I recommend you to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits for 500 g a day. The ratio between vegetable and fruit should be 8 servings to 2 servings or 8:2. You may also blend fresh vegetables into juices to obtain the alkaline salts, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber which served excellent for cleansing toxins purpose. Bear in mind that vegetables should be included in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. As fruits are generally high in sugar content such as fructose and thus they’re better to be eaten between…show more content…
Actually, this brain disorder is due to the blockage of micro-cells in the brain. This sudden blockage interrupts the cell’s factory from running properly. The unexpected blockage can cause half-body paradise, memory loss and internal brain bleeding, and further causing problems with thinking and behaviour that are severe enough to affect one’s work and social life. I therefore strongly recommend Alzheimer’s, hypertensive patients and those who suffer from atherosclerosis to try two remedies suggested here. Try yourself to see its positive

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