Persuasive Essay On How To Fight Terrorism

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How to fight terrorism, what to do and how to do it? How do we fight terrorism, can we fight it and if so how do we do it? It’s a great question, but a hard one to answer. I believe there’s no way to completely stop it, but there is a way for us to reduce the number of terrorist attacks around the world. One of the biggest problems is that terrorist attacks have been a part of this world since the early 13th century where it slowly began with killings and assassinations, and since then it has kept growing and growing into what we have today which is something there is almost uncontrollable since there are so many countries which have terrorist and are associated with terror groups, these countries also tend to support each other due to the reason that they all believe in a bigger purpose. If we, for example, look at the World Trade Center attack which happened on the 11th of Septem-ber 2011 which is the worst terror attack that we have ever encountered to date where around 3000 people lost their lives and 6000 people got injured. The terrorist group Al-Qaeda who stood behind the attack on the Twin Towers was led by the feared terrorist Osama Bin-laden. Al-Qaeda wanted to attack the U.S but didn’t have to capacity to destroy the U.S military so they targeted the center of the U.S the Twin Towers also known as the World Trade Center which symbolized the economic power of America. They wanted to attack the center of U.S economic in hopes to create this worldwide fear throughout

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