Persuasive Essay On How To Get Over Hangover

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How to Get Over a Hangover

Sometimes people need a proper reset. For some it is a quiet evening with a movie or a book, for others it is a wild crowded party with an abundance of alcohol. Everyone knows how these carousals usually end and what the day after begins with. A very common dry mouth and a headache, fatigue, and - in some cases - also nausea are just a few of many symptoms of the most dreaded hangover. Plenty of methods of curing them have been invented over the years – some more and some less successful. But the way of easing the aches and pains of alcohol overuse does not have to be either complicated or particularly painful. A definite first step is simply starting the day. It may sound ridiculous, but after a long drunken night, crawling out of bed feels as such an arduous work as climbing Mount Everest. This usually prolonged process begins with opening the eyes and getting up. Most of the time, staying in and convincing oneself that the overwhelming weakness will soon subside by itself leads to nowhere.
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Throughout the day, one should not forget about the right food. The likelihood of having the aftereffects is greatly decreased if a fatty dish is consumed right before the alcoholic drinks. Then, it is taken in slower by the body than in the case of no meal at all. Nevertheless, what hangover people really need the morning after is not necessarily grease- and carbohydrates-packed breakfast. This might backfire and make the symptoms worse. Alcohol destroys a lot of amino acids in our body; therefore, consuming food rich in protein will likely help the recovery. In a case of bad nausea, it is a good idea to eat a bowl of soup instead of solid food. Broth, for example, is a remedy used in all kinds of sicknesses. All sorts of food that help replenish the nutrients lost due to alcohol will be beneficial for a sufferer of a major
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