Persuasive Essay On How To Kill Animals

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If animals where to take away our homes, where would we go? What would happen to our existence? Or better yet how would we survive?”If you can kill animals,the same attitude can kill humans beings.The mentality is the same which exploits and which creates war.”-Satish Kumar.In the past 500 years hmans had made more than 322 animals became extict and only 2 3rds of that where in the past 2 centuires.We have to stop taking the habbitats of the animals for selfish luxary reasons.

We have destroyed so many animal habittats such as lakes, swamps, and plains to build unneccesry building and structres that have no use to us and just take up homes and space and in many cases polutes the earth even more or kills any reamining wildlife around it permisis.Only 3% of the original forest on earth remain alive.Every
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i would rather buy a 10$ ticket instead of spending about 50$ on gas every week and killing animals as i drive.I ask them what will happen when there is no more forest to cut down because they have all been used up?Where will we go after that what will happen where will are animals we use to eat as for example cows and pigs and ect be raised in if there isn 't no more space to raise them big and healthy. What about the roads the ozone layer is braking and if we have more roads more animals will be roadkill and more people will be diagnosed with asthma or similar breathing issues.In the us alone about 190 million cars hit the road and aout 1 million hit and kill animals.”This is counting all vehichles besides off raod ones atvs and snowmobiles, And the animals killed are mammals,birds and reptiles except insects for some reason”-Culture

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