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There are simple, general guidelines that we can all follow that will allow you to achieve and maintain the right weight for you. They are realistic and flexible enough to accommodate treats, special events and a social life! Let's start with a reality check, though. Just as our height is determined by our genetic make-up, so then is our weight. You simply will not be able to beat your genetics! If you are genetically programmed to be a size 12, you will never be able to maintain a size 8. You may be able to achieve it through a variety of unhealthy methods, but it will be impossible to maintain unless you devote your life to it. In doing so, you risk becoming physically ill to the point of malnutrition and even death. In addition, you risk developing an obsession which controls you life.…show more content…
If you set an unrealistic weight or try to implement a diet which does not satisfy your body's nutritional needs, including energy to maintain a genetic set weight, you will fail. You will lose weight in the short term, but it will return long term. * A nutrition plan that helps you to lose excess weight, but maintain your ideal weight and meet your body's physical needs, will work; it will simply be a way of life that you begin to take for granted. * A diet is a strategy to lose weight in the short term. Permanent, long term weight loss is the result of your lifestyle and is therefore something we can ALL achieve. So, take a step back... Have a look at the average size of your family members, or at least pick one who is roughly the same height and who eats in a balanced manner. That will give you an indication of the sort of size you should aim to maintain. If there are no such family members, take a look at your frame, your height and your age and your weight pattern throughout your life. Without being extreme, set a realistic goal for your ideal weight and learn to accept and love that

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