Persuasive Essay On How To Make Money

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When you usually think of high paying jobs, artists are not at the top of the list. At least that 's what "they" tell us. Well this time, "they" are wrong. Not only can you make a living from something like photography, but you can be rich. We 're talking six figures rich. So if you have a camera, a good eye and are asking how to make money with it all, then sit back and follow these tips. HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PHOTOGRAPHY: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INSTAGRAMERS "Instagram is the death of photography," say a lot of snobby artists. Sure, you could make the argument that the internet increased competition for photographers but try thinking about it in a different light. Suddenly, everyone is a photographer but not necessarily a good one. Hence, there are more people looking for expert advice on how to take better photos. That 's where you come in. Put the camera down for one second and open up your own workshop. There are literally 7 billion potential students out there in the world now that everyone has a smartphone. If you can teach just a few of them, you 'll never ask "how to make money" ever again. HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH PHOTOGRAPHY: DIVERSIFY When you invest in stocks, experts always tell you to diversify your portfolio. Another way of saying this is "don 't put all your eggs in the same basket." If you don 't understand yet, the point is if you spread out your opportunities, you 'll have a better chance of making money. If you want to know how to make money with
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