Persuasive Essay On How To Play Minecraft

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Minecraft is a blocky, pixelated world! Where the player can create destroy, or have funs with friends. I’ll be teaching you how to play so you can jump into this gaming world. There are multiple keys to learn such as, W,A,S, and D, space bar, numbers one through nine, and what all your computer or laptop mouse can do. W, A, S, and D are the players buttons to move around with. W is the player button to move forward and S is the player button to move backwards with. A and D are the players side controls, A will move the player to the left and D will move the player to the right. These are very helpfully to help you get to new areas and move out of the way of objects. Your space bar is your jump key, you will press it when you need to jump to another block, for example, doing parkour, or when you just need to jump up to a one high block. Next are your inventory controls and what the mouse controls. Inventory controls are numbers one though nine. They are little slots that hold items that you have gotten in Minecraft. You have a bigger inventory then just those numbers, however, the slots that are one through nine are called your hot bar. They hold you most important items, for example, your food, weapons, materials, flint, and torches. When you click the number you choose or need it will automatically highlight that…show more content…
You can go online and type in “Minecraft servers” and it will bring up a list of serer IP addresses. You go under your multiplayer and you will see “add a sever” you click on that and it will ask for the address and what you want to name it. Once you do that and save it you can click on the server and click join. You will be sent to that server and you are able to play mini games. You can play with your friends or against. You are able to play against or with anyone in the world. You can do anything on Minecraft servers and it is a lot of fun to see how other play and what all you can

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