Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Drinking Soda

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How to Stop Drinking Soda Overview Alcohol is an addictive substance which does not have the sweet taste but still people find it hard to drop it. Now imagine soda which no one closes eyes to take it for the first time. Soda isn’t just any other drink that is used to quench thirst; it is a substance that can cause harm to your health. Soda causes problems to your teeth, bones, immune system, weight and blood sugar level. This is enough briefing to make you understand why you should stop drinking soda. I understand it can be very hard and that is why below is a guide to help you through it; 1. Gradually skip its sweet taste A vehicle has a way of stopping from movement similar to the one of quitting regular soda consumption. When a car wants to stop, it first slows down then stops. There is no way you are going to decide to stop drinking soda and stop instantly. Stefanie Sacks a nutritionist emphasizes on being realistic and going slow is realistic. For alcoholics, dropping the alcohol instantly causes negative effects such has inability to perform daily activities well. For the case of soda, your mind will not focus fully when you have not satisfied your craving for it. Therefore the best way to drop it is reducing the quantities of soda that you a take at a particular time slowly by slowly until you finally stop. This is a sure way of stopping it without any immediate negative effects. 2. Dilute it with water The concentration of sugar and caffeine in the soda is what

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