Stop Eating Junk Food Essay

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How to stop eating junk food (own words) Have you ever seen the video that the cat knows how to choose clean food? Why the cat is choose it? Is he know what is bad and is not? What about you? Did you know all is about? Off course you do. You are a human what is good for you. Today you will do to choose for the best for your health with condition you realize all things about is good sources, good nutrient, fresh, and for the best you cook it by your own hand and creation. In hectic day after office hour and you came to your home, you feel tire and do not have much time to do it instantly by yourself, and sometime you ignore it to choose on your menu into junk food. If you do it every day, every month, or even a year and you become a fans of junk food, the impact you become your hobby. You must to do stop. You need some help to get left behind junk food immediately. After you become addict it the big question always come to you “Somebody please help me” my weight is under control. Hope this way out below can resolve the problem and decrease all the things about. Here they are: 1. You have a focus and why…show more content…
You do have a plan to reach your goal. This is a twin sister in two platform and always run in the same time. Like a train for the example. Back to yourself. What should you do? Your lifestyle must be change now. No excuses. Next question is Do you have any kind of food that you want to eat? Do you want to cook it by your own hand? What kind of the menu that you want to eat at work? All the things you should answer and you make a plan for everything. In mention above you get the idea. So many problem you have the right answer to reduce that habit. Next you noted in your agenda and make a plan such as your diet session. The things now is the ingredient to complete your menu. If you want to cook by yourself and do have a time to cook for your breakfast or even your lunch. Prepare it. Let the dish will help you to answer that big
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