Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Procrastinating

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How to Stop Procrastinating.
You might often feel lethargic while working on some project out of either fear or laziness. Procrastination makes a person miss deadlines or delay things out of proportion. Lack of attitude, habit of postponement, non-committal behavior and excuses are some of the factors contributing to procrastination.
To generate a sense of enthusiasm towards work and provide self-direction, here are few tips that could be helpful as you sit wondering on how to stop procrastinating:
1. Prepare a list of tasks.
A bulk of tasks in hand frequently provokes a person to flee from situations. Try to work out a list of tasks. Start from small tasks at first, as they get finished sooner rather than later. To stop procrastinating, work on larger or time-consuming task at the end if there is no urgency. It’s a proven technique and works every time. It’s based on the theory of “Success builds Success” where smaller successes create a positive flow inside us and boost confidence to face the challenges of the larger tasks.

2. Spend quality time.
If you are finished with some task, try to spend time studying or learning something that you like more. Indulge in fruitful hobbies like cooking, sketching, painting, or gardening. This will reduce the stress on your mind.

3. Stay away from distractions to stop procrastinating.
For people who don’t know how to stop procrastinating, they lose interest in doing things and they search or work on something which causes frequent
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