Persuasive Essay On The Evolution Of Human Cloning

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Imagine cloning a cell 37.2 trillion times until there’s a whole person. Today, scientist have come extremely close to making this possible. Scientist haven’t been able to clone an adult human yet, but some have managed to successfully been able to clone a human embryo. People think that human cloning isn 't right. There aren’t many human cloning machines around, but there are still machines that clone other things. The whole process of cloning revolves around nuclear transfer. Human cloning is heavily being used to duplicate an embryo, also it’s been used to clone has been used to clone livestock and even plants. The idea that is going to change the world all started in 1885 by a German scientist named Hans Spemann. According to Utah Genetics Hans spemann was the first person to split an embryo and went on to win a Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine in 1935 for discovering the organizer effect on embryo splitting. Hans Spemann says “that embryos from a more-complex animal can also be “twinned” to form multiple identical organisms—but only up to a certain stage in development.” Spemann’s challenge was to figure out how to split the two cells of an embryo. Spemann used a small noose from a strand of baby hair and tightened it between…show more content…
Some experts say at least 95% of human cloning trials have resulted in failures. Other scientist are very eager to test the process and standardize it, but there still not sure if the process will work efficiently with adult humans. Although cloning is legal, people are still not convinced it’s humane or right. Shoukhrat Mitalipov a Russian scientist, states that “the process of cloning is now working and it could now be used to generate stem cells that can treat patients.” Mitalipov group wants to use the cloning technique to cure mitochondrial diseases. Mitochondria are organelles that produce energy for cells to
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