Persuasive Essay On Human Equality

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Who defines you as an individual? Do you leave that choice to yourself and become the person you see yourself to be? Or are you instead defined by how your community chooses to see you from the outside? Even in today 's modern day world, many members of the LGBTQ+ population still do not have a say in the person we want to be.

In this day and age, we must continue to improve upon human equality and evolve to understand and grow from the diverse group of individuals that are found all around the Earth. Even if we accomplish steps in reducing discrimination or increasing the awareness of certain issues, we cannot rest. We must push harder and dedicate ourselves in an era where humans need to be more unified than ever.

In 2003, same-sex sexual activity became officially legal nationwide. In 2011, President Obama abolished the "Don 't Ask, Don 't Tell Policy", allowing openly gay individuals to serve in the United States military. In 2015, the Supreme Court officially ruled that same-sex marriage was to be made legal nationwide, affecting the lives of many of the LGBTQ+ community on that day and age. From tears of joy to silent smiles, each of these accomplishments are another step forward in promoting the identity of the LGBTQ+ population. It is a deep found hope in my generation that I do believe in the message that "love wins". However, even if laws are established to protect our community, it will take a much larger change to eliminate the stigma that surrounds our people
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