Human Rights Being Actualized

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Human rights have been around for as long as we can remember now, but in the recent years they have been really precise. Even with the laws getting stricter, there are many and it is hard to get every single person to do the right thing and be reasonable, in this case to obey and respect human rights. That’s why to this day human rights are not acknowledged to the extent that they should be. While human rights being actualized should be the goal, many countries and people already have disagreements with them. Furthermore, for them to be strict and final for every person would not to be possible any time in the near future as they weren’t in the past.

It is not possible for human rights to be actualized for every person. For everyone to have human rights is unrealistic, because many don’t acknowledge human rights and those rights have been being violated since they were established. “We remained sitting in the middle of the street like the other two days earlier. The same hellish sun. The same thirst. Only there was no one left to bring us water” (Wiesel 19.) One of the human rights are “No one should be deprived of food or water at any time”, That’s an example of people not acknowledging human rights. Wiesel and the other prisoners weren’t given water when they are thirsty, and that wasn’t the only time through
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Everyone has different opinions or even no opinions just not acknowledging human rights. Even right now as big as human rights are people don’t agree with them or may think some are completely unreasonable and those thoughts cant be changed. As of right now human rights are a strict law but many people break them and don’t consider the fact that they are breaking the law. No matter how instructed human rights are it is not possible for them to be actualized for
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