How To Stop Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is a national issue happening all over the globe, it has been around for thousands of years, from the ancient Greek and romans to the medieval times , and up until today and its happening around the community, just only a few hours away at the U.S/Mexico border. Numerous Mexican immigrants come to the U.S looking for a better future but there are few who are forced to come to the U.S , for example woman being sold for the use of prostitution. The U.S and Mexican government can both put a stop to human trafficking between the two countries by providing more border patrol on duty and capturing the smugglers called “Coyotes”. In order for immigrants to want to come to the U.S, the cartel is forcing them to cross with packages…show more content…
Woman and young teenage girls get rapped by the “Coyotes” or any other men that are traveling with them. It 's a tragic thing to hear about, immigrants wanting to live a better life, but don 't get the chance to because they get robbed and get left in the middle of nowhere just left for dead. Kids at a young age cross the border. At that age they really don 't understand how to defend themselves, after getting robbed and left in the desert all they could do hope border patrol finds them and help them instead of getting lost in the desert and dying from starvation or getting sick.
Hard working people earning money every single day just so they could pay a “Coyote” to help them cross the border and end up being robbed. Leaving them exposed to numerous dangers like starving, dying of thirst, heat stroke and being prey to wild animals especially snakes. Now’s there people who don 't just want to get out of the country for better opportunities but for their safety due to war between cartels.
All this has to come to an end, both the U.S and Mexican Government have the power to put an end to this crisis. The Governments need to put a stop to the drug smuggling, every time it makes over the border successfully it’s already on the market for anyone in the U.S. The
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