Initiatives Against Human Trafficking

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We cannot rely upon the silenced to tell us they are suffering; Hanan Ashra. Who is this talking about exactly? Victims of Human Trafficking. Trafficking in persons, also known as human trafficking, is a form of modern-day slavery. Traffickers often target women and children who are poor and unemployed. They are exploited sexually and made to do manual labor. Many countries have made laws and initiatives over the last century to help combat this awful act. Some say these initiatives are not working, but they actually are. Initiatives against human trafficking are proving effective because trained citizens know how to identify a trafficker or victim and traffickers can’t hide from the law as easily. The first reason that initiatives against…show more content…
According to FBI statistics, Operation Cross Country X recovered 82 underage victims and arrested 239 perpetrators across the country In October 2016. (Zhai) If an international organization, in its largest numbers since 2016, found that many perpetrators and victims in just a small amount of time, then they can surely find more in the following years. The Spartacus III operation uncovered over 2,700 victims and made 134 arrests in South and Central America in 2016. With 25 countries involved in this operation alone, it’s no wonder all of those traffickers were caught and the victims liberated. If more and more countries get involved, then even more can be done for this awful atrocity. According to department statistics, Anaheim, CA police arrested and charged 38 perpetrators from August 2011 to October 2012 alone. (Irvine) In a place like Anaheim, where if you didn’t know, Disneyland and the Los Angeles Angels stadium is located, where trafficking could easily thrive, the police are cracking down on trafficking and perpetrators in the Anaheim area don’t have much room for trafficking anymore. According to the annual Trafficking in Persons Report, Thailand stated in 2015 that it had charged 72 people with human trafficking crimes and suspected another 32. (Whiteman) If this is just one country that has found over 100 cases of trafficking,…show more content…
Awareness is being fostered so that soon most everyone will know what trafficking is, how to identify it, and how to stop it. Traffickers now cannot hide as easily and will be brought to justice. My opponent Isabelle has tried to convince you that these initiatives aren’t working because victims are being labeled as prostitutes and are not being brought justice because people don’t know the signs of trafficking, but she couldn’t be more incorrect. Victims are being given safety and help so they can survive. These initiatives are put into place for the single reason of showing people the signs of trafficking. Even I, a young girl who hasn’t been introduced to the harshness of the real world, has been to multiple outreach events and seen the effects of trafficking first hand. I have also seen the effect of these initiatives that we are arguing today. They are working, bringing victims help and traffickers to prison. After this, why would anyone think they are not working? What are these initiatives for if they are not proving effective, which they are? Initiatives against human trafficking are
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