The Importance Of Human Trafficking In The United States

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Throughout history different ideas arose about how people should be treated and how they should have some set basic rights. As it is known there will also be people who will go against such and do what they please. This problem is native to every civilization on the planet. One of these infringements of rights is human trafficking which has had a massive impact on the middle east as well as other areas. Therefore, Child and Human trafficking is native to many places and different nations went about helping this in different ways. Human trafficking is rampant worldwide and is in the process of putting it to a stop. In Modern Times the largest offenders are centered at China, Russia, Uzbekistan, and India (TheAtlantic). These areas are the places where they are ranked high in human trafficking and have been put on a…show more content…
Well, the U.N. has done its fair share of work when it comes to the issue.” In 2003, the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons established a universal trafficking definition and set a goal for countries to prevent and combat trafficking and assist victims“ (TheMuse). That helps to prevent anyone who may be on the verge of doing something that they will regret by giving them a good reason not to. The United states similarly created an act three years prior to the protocol. It entailed, “The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was authorized in 2000 and was the first federal law to address sex trafficking and labor trafficking in the United States. The TVPA focused on the prevention and protection for trafficking survivors, as well as prosecution for traffickers”(TheMuse). This is very similar to the U.N.s although the U.S. went further. The United states has actively tried to remain the predominant leader for the end of human trafficking (TheMuse). Showing the nation’s dedication to such
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