Hunts Persuasive Speech

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Register to read the introduction…The clan would be happy and fed and warm and more babies could be made on such occasions. This gave the hunters unbelievable feelings of satisfaction over the chargrilled aromas and released huge amounts of dopamine and serotonin into the system although they probably hadn’t got a name for that bit just yet. High calories equaled happiness and satisfaction.…show more content…
If it took a million years to learn to hunt with spears and flame grill, is it fair to assume it will take another million years to move on from all that? Calories and fat and sinew became the ultimate so we still consider this more important than weight watching. You are what you eat, wasn’t a big issue back then!

Our problem today is that we have made all this beast broiling far too easy. Hunts could take up to a week. Our modern world can offer us four barbeques in a day or any other high calories food any time practically anywhere. So should we blame our stomachs or our brains for this situation?

As soon as we are thrown back onto primeval instincts like stress or threat, we inevitably open up many caveman traits and cravings based on hunting is right up there. Our stomachs have been stronger than our minds for some considerable time.

Carving out the Cravings – How to Avoid high calories
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