Persuasive Essay On Hunger Games

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Carving Up the Cravings - Food Cravings and how to deal with them Hunger Games We’ve all had it. Out of seemingly nowhere we have a massive craving for one of our favourite junk foods. We follow the urge and satisfy it. We kick ourselves afterwards, ‘why do we do it?’ But have you ever taken time out and stopped to think, ‘why do we crave it in the first place?’ We know we will kick ourselves as soon as we are full to the brim and we say, ‘oh no, I’ve done it again!’ but wasn’t it fantastic during the feeding frenzy? All that salt, starch and greasy goodness. But is it simply a question of lack of will power? That would place ‘the supposing’ on the fact that we are guilty for letting slip. But what are we actually letting slip? Perhaps we are not slipping at all. May be there are stronger powers at work. Certainly it would seem these powers are stronger than our paltry will-power. It would seem these stronger powers come from ancient primeval urges that helped create our species in the first place. Ever since man established himself as a hunter-gatherer we have been, well, hunting and gathering. This means hunting and gathering anything and everything to keep us alive. You get the point. What the between the lines fact is here is exactly what they we surviving on. There were plenty of plants and edible herbs around for us to gather but they soon knew these didn’t keep us full for long. They needed to eat something more substantial, something high in calories. This

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