Persuasive Essay On Hunger

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While people make more than 200 food decisions every day, 90% of them are made unconsciously (Wansink, 2006). Most people assume that the majority of these decisions are related to satisfying hunger. In fact, since the start of creation, eating has been known as a natural response to hunger. There was no food easily available, so early humans had to work hard to satisfy their hunger. Thousands of years later, that has changed. Many people, now, see food as an obsession that is not necessarily related to hunger. For example, eating sets the social events to their best. Then, there are the snackers. Unconscious eating has always been debatable since a lot of people wonder about the forces that drive them to eat what they eat. With having different lifestyles and situations, it is vital to determine the reasons which may lead people to be more aware about what enters their body. Paying attention to the times when food is craved might provide the answer. While some opponents disagree, this paper argues that food can play a huge role in people’s life more than just satiating their hunger for two major reasons.
Emotional or interpersonal situations is one reason for people to head towards eating. Being unable to express feelings varied from happiness to depression can motivate people directly to food. Filling up the time, known as eating out of boredom, is a very significant feeling people might notice. According to Bongers and Jansen (2017), food intake can reduce negative
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