Hunting And Gathering Essay

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To feel free, living off the land, or to live the way we do in our current lives? These kinds of questions are ones that we often ask ourselves in our modern world of metropolises, cars, and grocery stores. But what would it really mean to have kept living in a society, thousands of years ago, that continued the roaming lifestyle. Would life be simpler and happier? In my opinion, the benefits that hunting and gathering proposed would be really tempting, and from the evidence better for my health too. The issue lays in the failure to continue growing, to be able to build comfortable homes and stay living regularly in the same place. Though beneficial in the short run, the inability of the hunting-gathering style to adapt to larger populations would result in starvation, and populations having to spread out across greater distances. The benefits of hunting and gathering not being dismissed, the possibilities presented by agriculture would pose a far greater draw for me personally. Throughout…show more content…
I would have chosen this because of the apparent need to feed a larger, growing population, and in order to have a permanent settlement to be a viable option. When posed with the dangers and consequences of living this way I would still find it necessary as Hunting Gathering life does not provide enough food for a growing population and for the dangers that Hunting and Gathering pose in themselves. Though I reality I would have still had no idea of the dangers and would have then only seen the possible benefits to the switch. Due to this being the case, I believe that as my group of people were deciding whether or not to transition, we would have certainly found agriculture to have been the right choice. The choice that provided the most food for the most people while allowing them to live their lives in the relative safety of a communal
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