Persuasive Essay On Hunting

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Before heading out the door for your first hunt, these are a few tips for you to keep in mind. You might even want to take a safety course for hunters prior to heading into the woods. While you might have an experienced buddy with you, he might not remember what it was like to be a beginner, which could be a problem for you.

Always be Legal
It 's tempting to test out the waters of hunting to see if you 'll like it before getting a license. Never hunt out of season. You 'll also need to consider whether you 're going to use a bow for your hunting or a rifle. There are different times of the year for those activities based on the area. It 's vital that you check with the state 's wildlife agency for the rules. You 'll also want to ask what the
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It 's hard to remove odor if you 're fighting against a fragrant detergent with a fresh smell though. Use a non-scented detergent for your hunting clothes, so you aren 't fighting an uphill battle with strong human smells. You can keep your clothes in an airtight bag with dirt and leaves from around your stand too. This will keep the clothing naturally scented when you 're ready to being hunting.

Drive Prey into the Area
With the wind at your back, allow your scent to work towards the deer. After passing through, circle around and do the same on the other side. You can drive the deer into position since the deer will now be confused. You can take your position and wait to see a confused deer looking for a bit of cover for security.

Don 't Poke the Fallen Animal
Once you 've taken your shot and walked up to the animal, don 't poke it with your rifle 's muzzle to see if it 's still alive. It could jump up and injure you. Instead, stand a few feet away with your gun at the ready. Toss a stone or a branch at it and see how it reacts. Move closer if there is no reaction. If the animal 's eyes are closed, it 's likely that the animal isn 't deceased. You 'll need to deliver another shot to the head to ensure that you
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