Persuasive Essay On Hunting In Schools

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Historically speaking, student searches came about in response to such as Columbine, Littleton, and Springfield’s sudden acts of these schools. More than half of all students have been pressured to try drugs or already have tried them according to the many annual studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “The government started sending dogs to Texas-based schools. Now schools contract dogs to 1,200 school districts in 19 states. They had brought in speakers to talk to parents and the kids” (Robinson). So, to keep the problem from growing, they start using dogs to sniff the lockers to find drugs. Now, those who see the dogs conduct these searches, don’t know when the searches are coming. “Many students have an investment to protect themselves. Most students and parents thought using dogs to conduct random drug searches. This can create a climate of fear and distrust between many teachers and students. Now they’re running the risk of people mistakes thinking your school is a problem school or something bigger” (Robinson). This passage suggests that if you bring drug dogs to school that your just creating fear towards your schools and make your school look bad. Lastly, with schools making the decision also run the risk of alienating kids. “Kids feel that their person rights are being violated and that the school only does it because they don’t trust them. Students feel like before school starts using drug dogs and begin random searches, there needs to be some compelling
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