Persuasive Essay On Huntington's Disease

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wanted. Children do not like to be treated differently from others. Feelings of sympathy can lead to a vicious cycle. The child has the disease, others sympathize, which leads the child to feel sorry for himself, and the cycle continues.

The knowledge that a child has Huntington’s disease can present problems for the parents in obtaining insurance for the child. This knowledge may also create problems in obtaining employment as a teen. Many health insurance and life insurance providers will not insure a person who has a pre-existing medical condition, and many employers will not hire a person with a medical condition. All children need health and life insurance, in case of accidents and illnesses. Having insurance allows parents to be able to afford medical treatments. It is necessary for some teens to work, to help the family financially. If a child has Huntington 's disease, this could prevent employment in the teen years.

Knowing that a child has Huntington’s disease
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First, not being tested will prevent psychological stress, so that someone with Huntington’s disease is not depressed, lonely, or rejected by others. Next, it will prevent unwanted reactions from others, so that the child can learn and grow normally. Also, it will avoid insurance and employment issues by not having as much expense as without insurance, and the teen may be eligible for employment. Finally, it will prevent risky behaviors and decisions, because the diagnosis is not standing in the way of the future. Genetic testing for Huntington’s disease should be postponed until early adulthood, so that the individuals can make the decision for themselves. “Its onset usually occurs in the prime of life, causing brain cells to die and robbing people of their ability to walk, talk, eat and think” (Cavanaugh & Heilbrunn, 2010). Would you want to know if that was your
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