Why We Should Not Purchase Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars The first hybrid car ever build was in 1902 by Ferdinand Porsche which he was the founder of Porsche. Any hybrid vehicle is more efficient than a diesel and gasoline vehicle, hybrids can deliver more than 50 miles per gallon in a city driving cycle. Are the hybrid cars good? Why would you not purchase a hybrid car? Many people ask themselves many questions about the hybrid vehicles because all the issues that comes with the hybrids. Purchasing a hybrid vehicle may provide you with a good sense of helping and saving the environment because number one you don’t have to stop a lot at the gas stations, we will feel great because we will go green. The main reason why would we want a vehicle with those specifications are: More efficient. Help our environment - - greener.…show more content…
It can offer 93 miles of battery range, 120 city miles per gallon and 92 highway miles. Its engine is electric, and has a109 horsepower. It’s price is around $34,500. Nissan LEAF - - the most popular vehicle in the market right now, its price is around $29,900. It will produce 101 miles per gallon highway miles and in the city will do 126 miles per gallon. Has a 107 horsepower, and their battery is 24 to 30 kWh 360 V lithium ion. Five people can seat very comfortable, well equipped. Advantages and disadvantages of hybrids The hybrids vehicles are ecosystem friendly which they will increase their popularity, we will have many benefits us owners especially for the environment. With the price of the gasoline going sky high people are looking for other alternatives and some of advantages are as follows: 1. The hybrid vehicles will produce less pollution than any regular vehicles. Less carbon dioxide emission. 2. The United States government supports hybrid vehicles because they allow you to do a tax write off. 3. Hybrid vehicles has a lower depreciation and any regular vehicle, which makes the hybrid vehicles one of the best investment for any

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