Persuasive Essay On Hypertension

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One of the most common things people suffer from nowadays is hypertension or simply known as high blood pressure. It is pretty common nowadays especially to some people who are on their 40s. However, it can literally be avoided if only you would eat the right kind of foods for your body to have its proper nutrition that it actually needs. Having hypertension would mean that you have maintenance medicine, which is obviously a lifetime medication, but there are actually foods, healthy foods of course, that could actually help lower your blood pressure. Without further ado, here are some of the best foods you must devour to lower your blood pressure. (DISCLAIMER: You must keep in mind that the following foods will only help you lower your blood pressure, but that doesn 't necessarily mean you have to stop taking your maintenance medicine.) CASHEWS AND ALMONDS The very first one on the list is these almonds and cashews that almost everyone just love to munch on while working, watching a movie, or by simply just doing nothing. They literally are one of the best snacks to have. However, that is not just their only purpose, they are actually good when it comes to lowering the blood pressure. What makes them extremely special is that they are actually full of magnesium content. For the benefit of the doubt, magnesium is involved in over significant 300 bodily process and one of the reasons for having high blood pressure is when the body starts to lack magnesium and is actually
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