Persuasive Essay On If School Should Start Later

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If we had late start every day then the school would have to push back sports. People would also have to quit sports or not be able to play as much if they were doing out of school sports. Also people wouldn’t be able to do as much after school. Kids would also wait last minute to do homework. The School would have to end school later in the day so we would still be at school for the same amount of time. We also are already use to getting up at that time so what is the point. Plus kids would just stay up later since school would start later in the day. Personally I think that it is not the school's fault that the kids aren’t going to bed at the time they should and then not getting enough sleep. It is the person's fault if they don’t get enough sleep because they should be going to bed earlier if they can not get enough sleep.…show more content…
70% percent of students use phones, tablets, or play video games before school. Also people wouldn’t be able to finish their homework after school they would have to wait till the morning and try to rush to get it done. It would be much easier if we just left the time how it is. Kids grades would drop grades and everything would be done at last second. Less kids would be passing grades. Kids would play less sports and be less active. It’s not the school fault the kids aren’t going to bed on time. Kids would also be more hyper because it would later and they would be more awake. They would also not want to pay attention in class. People that think that we should have school later think that this will help them but it will actually not because if you are in a sport you will get home later and have to do all their homework in the morning and rush and probably not get as good of grades as they usually
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