Persuasive Essay On Illegal Child Labor

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With approximately 1.2 billion children throughout the world between the ages ten and nineteen, an estimated 186 million are child laborers, going to workplaces instead of school (Srivastava). Illegal child labor is a widespread issue that has been depriving underage children of their essential education, as it politically and socially affects children in third world countries. Generally, there are children from ages five to seventeen, who would work in prohibited employments to support their poor families, with poverty as a major cause of the difficulty. On various occasions, children would work long hours in places such as factories and restaurants, receiving less pay and loosing their education. Despite efforts made by the authorities to prevent it, children continue to work excessive hours, receiving low wages and remaining in unsanitary conditions. Child labor is an obstacle, as children sacrifice their education, childhood, and their potential to succeed, hindering them from improving with a better lifestyle. Illegal child labor may be an adversity for many, yet there are solutions that could pacify the situation, including enforcing laws, an increased minimum wage amount, and providing more educational opportunities.
To prevent the recurrence of illegal child labor, the government could strictly enforce the laws that have been put in place. Laws that impede with the employment and abuse of child laborers, laws that are essential, yet officials barely enforce them.

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