Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigrants

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Deportation, displacement, eviction are all words that the eleven million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. dread to hear. The idea of being sent back to another country, away from everything they have worked so hard to get, away from their children, family and loved ones. These thoughts swirl in the minds of many illegal immigrants who fear that any day could be the day in which they are deported. The federal organization ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), deported over 250,000 illegal immigrants in 2016 alone and over 3 million in the past nine years (FY 2016). For many immigrants, becoming a U.S. citizen is not attainable due to the money and time, so the only option remaining is to flee and hide. Often, immigrants come to the U.S. to escape war, peril or poverty, though are not given the fair treatment and the chance they need to become citizens. The U.S. government should create a safe yet easy way to allow illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens and provide them with the opportunity for a new life.

Time and time again many immigrants are labeled with the terms such as terrorists or rapists. People assume that these words have no impact or effect because their own president continually uses them. What type of example are we setting for the generations to come? Are we telling them to stereotype every Muslim as a terrorist, every Mexican a rapist or every African American as a criminal? These immigrants come into the country with the same hope as those
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