Persuasive Essay On Illegal Poaching

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The home to the world’s largest iconic wildlife is in Africa. All that could come to an end though due to illegal poaching. Poaching affects the animals that are being poached and the people around them. It is considered a worldwide catastrophe. Poaching can be considered as illegal selling and trading of animals by killing them for only one part such as an ivory tusk, pelt, or bones or selling them as a whole for a huge sum of money. The vast majority of poaching is due to organized crime to kill and track many animals all at one time without being detected. At these current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos, and other iconic African wildlife will be gone within our lifetime before we know it. Many of Africa’s wild animals have suffered from a massive population decline due to poaching over the past three decades. I personally believe that the animals should be able to…show more content…
Elephants and Rhinos are slaughtered for their ivory tusks every year. Some people also just kill for the sport of it. This is far from okay. These innocent animals are not hurting anyone. I understand that financial concerns also drive poaching from many natives. Africa is still considered to be a third world country. An elephant tusk could mean the difference between a prosperous year and starving to death. It all comes down to the fact that poaching has negative effects on the economy and the environment. The American Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is an international conservation organization leading in focusing on Africa solely. This foundation believes that wild landscapes and protecting Africa’s wildlife is the key to our future prospering in Africa. They help to ensure that their resources and work in Africa endures for over fifty years. They have worked to train, recruit, and equip scouts with advanced tools like GPS, satellite phones, and all-terrain vehicles to help safeguard these

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