Essay On Illegal Trash Dumping

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Illegal trash dumping is a common issue in my neighborhood. We the people are getting tired of having to deal with the consequences of something we aren't responsible for. Many individuals within large cities, must deal with illegal trash dumping. This a growing problem leaving homeowners to resolve this matter alone. My point here is how to make the city and overall community more accountable. A common issue we deal with is having to pay fines for loitering in which we aren't responsible for. This issue is very common in my neighborhood. Although, most alleys have no gates this is allowing individuals to dump trash in people's properties. With that said, this has turned into an issue in the area I live, because we are the ones getting fined…show more content…
It is a program that provides a way for residents to dispose of bulky junk. This is helpful, but not for everyone, some residents continue having to deal with debris all year long. For the last year months people have just been dumping off garbage all hours of the day When contacting in the past has been made we are told that, the City isn't responsible to respond to a request by private property home owner to remove junk, and trash left behind on private property unless a clean up effort has been approved. The City of Fresno regularly receives complaints from residents and business owners regarding the existence of temporary encampments constructed by individuals that have no legal right or permission to occupy the property. These complaints loitering, and the accumulation of trash and debris. Vacant lots are, unfortunately, places where people will illegally dump garbage, and other debris. The property owner is responsible for keeping their lot, and alley ways clean. However, there are things that can be done to help prevent dumping from occurring in the first place. You can post signs that warn against illegal dumping. Another option is to fence the property. While fencing an entire property may not be practical, a strategically placed fence or barrier on an obvious access path will deter illegal dumpers. Once dumping has begun on a property, other dumpers will see that it is a place where they can also leave their rubbish.
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