Persuasive Essay On Immigration Education

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The most misunderstood debate today and in my opinion a modern-day holocaust is the issue of immigration. It is an argument that labels all immigrants as criminals, drug addicts, rapists, that tears families apart, and one that will destroy many businesses and hurt the economy. Over the past few years people have taken action toward the issue as well as other trying to knock it down. An immigration reform known as DACA was put in place to give people a way to live legally in the united states. However, nothing is perfect and with big desicion comes big consequences and big problems. Politicians and the media give out false information and don't tell you everything instead it is sugar coated and it manipulated by governing powers. Immigrants…show more content…
Schools are underfunded, and teachers are underpaid. These are the people that are teaching kids the skills and the values that parents don't have a lot of time to do. Society put a price on a good education. That why mass murder has become such a huge issue or why so many people leave school or why most people cannot afford college. Instead of investing 25 billion dollars to build a wall to keep people out the US should be investing that money into education so that kids can grow the economy and so America can actually become a country where the American dream can be achieved. In this modern era, you have to have money in order to go to a good college. Today there is a major plan to arm teachers with guns for protection. The US should be investing in education to keep children off the streets and actually teach so that kids can love school and become who they want to be.
Everyone has an equal opportunity to get any job. Everyone interviews for the same job and the most qualified person receives it. Immigrants are taking jobs that no one else wants. America is lazy and is not willing to stand in a factory for 10 hours a day assembling a single piece of a product. They don't want to stand in the hot sun for 12 hours a day earning minimal wage or work in a construction job risking their lives 12 hours a day earning minimal
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