Persuasive Essay On Immigration Policy

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The United States was established by European immigrants over 300 years ago when they first came to the New World. Most citizens are in the US because their ancestors migrated to the US many years ago. Only 2 percent of Americans are part Native American, meaning that they were here before the Pilgrims came. Immigrants are what make our country diverse and so successful, bringing in a variety of different cultures. Our country has a long history of immigration of which is an important piece of our diverse backgrounds. The US has been referred to by many as a “melting pot” because of this. However, illegal immigration is harming our nation and economy. It is critical that we find a way to stop illegal immigration. Our current immigration policy is causing problems and has loopholes. Although there are challenges to reforming our policy, there are major consequences for not reforming the policy. The reform can be done and my ideas for the reforming plan will help eliminate illegal immigration and give illegal parents of US citizens a pathway to citizenship. It is no secret that our nation’s current immigration policy needs some work. Not only is it extremely hard to become a citizen, but our borders are loose and too many illegal immigrants are entering our country and hurting our economy. Our current policy sets an annual immigration quota, usually around 675,000 immigrants. However, according to the American Immigration Council, several loopholes such as Family-Based

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