How To Reduce Illegal Immigration

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The United States was established by European immigrants over 300 years ago when they first came to the New World. Most citizens are in the US because their ancestors migrated to the US many years ago. Only 2 percent of Americans are part Native American, meaning that they were here before the Pilgrims came. Immigrants are what make our country diverse and so successful, bringing in a variety of different cultures. Our country has a long history of immigration of which is an important piece of our diverse backgrounds. The US has been referred to by many as a “melting pot” because of this. However, illegal immigration is harming our nation and economy. It is critical that we find a way to stop illegal immigration. Our current immigration…show more content…
One idea that many support is that we need to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Although many people despise the idea, Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall along the US-Mexico border will be the most effective and is ultimately the best decision. It will drastically decrease the rate of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. Another idea is to increase the immigration quota to 725,000 immigrants per year. The 50,000 extra spots would be set aside for Mexican parents whose kids were born in the US and are therefore US citizens, also known as the “Dreamers.” The parents would have a better chance of being reunited with their children on US soil, and have the chance to legally create a life for themselves in America without having to hide. The NY Times states that as of January 24, Trump has indicated some interest in giving the “Dreamers” a pathway to citizenship. We also need to bring in hardworking immigrants who will play a part in the effort to bring jobs back to the us. Setting apart 100,000 of the total 725,000 proposed quota for employment-based immigration would collaborate with my other ideas to make the reform liked by many, and therefore easy to
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