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The Importance of Helmet Wearing
Helmets are about 40% effective in preventing fatal injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. The motorcycle can be termed as a necessary evil (Chenier & Evans, 1987). This is due to the fact that despite the fatalities and deaths it causes when involved in an accident, more and more of them are still being manufactured and used by many people not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. As a result, there is a significant need for all states to adopt a universal law that require helmet use. Since the need for the motorcycle is on the rise regardless of the injuries and deaths it causes, the focus should be put more on the solutions to the problem. Observing the traffic rules
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These are the person riding the motorcycle, the passenger, the driver, and the pedestrian walking on the road. All these four categories of people are at risk of being involved in an accident caused by motorcycles (Kulanthayan et al., 2000). All states are aware of the fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents. They are also aware that more and more are still being manufactured. The problem is that despite being aware of all these, some states have declined to pass a helmet law leading to high motorcycle casualties in those states than others. This creates a big problem since it is not clear whether all the 50 states will ever come to an agreement concerning the use of helmet by passengers and the motorcyclists. Several studies have consistently reported that helmet is a very important gadget for decreasing brain injuries or even deaths by motorcycle accidents. Surprisingly, these research studies and the findings have all fallen on a deaf ear for some states thereby creating a worrying trend in the motorcycle related injuries. The research on the importance of wearing helmet started several decades ago. But up to date, very little effort is made by the states to bring this problem to a halt. For instance, the necessity of helmet among

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