Persuasive Speech On Inbreeding

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You walk into the “puppy store” at your local mall, you are overwhelmed with joy seeing a ton of baby dogs surrounding you. There are Huskies in one corner, Golden Retrievers and Pugs in another. The price tag reads “$3,000 (not including vetting or tax)” but you don't care. All you can see is the perfect, precious adorable puppies sitting in front of you… But, have you ever thought of how those babies came to be? Or how come they are all fast asleep in those glass cages? Or where their parents are? No, you don't. All you see is a $3,000 perfect puppy and that's all you care about. But here's a reality check for you, their parents are forced to mate in puppy mills and their mothers are used to having babies and that's it. In tiny cramped cages that they can barely move in and with matted hair and once they are too old or unhealthy to have babies, they get killed. Not even humanely, tortured and then killed. Have you ever noticed that your purebred dog lives half as long as your friends shelter dog? This is where Inbreeding comes in. Inbreeding is defined as “breed from closely related…show more content…
It's you. You’re the market for these sick, suffering dogs. Instead of going to a shelter or to an animal rescue group and adopting a dog for $300 (with all vetting included) because they are “old”,“ugly” or “used”. You go into a puppy store and buy a perfect pure puppy. The market for these dogs is so high therefore the problem will never stop. What most people don't know is that there are animal rescue groups for every single purebred dog. These dogs came from puppy mills or owner surrenders and are given second chances. So if you need that perfect dog. At the very least adopt one. Of course, all dogs need homes, but 225,000 dogs die every day ( and without the help of ending puppy mills and breeding, that number will never

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