Persuasive Essay On Inclusion

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The idea that it is acceptable to be different is one of the principles that drives inclusion. The diversity that exists in Belize due to culture and ethnicity have always welcomed decisions such as providing children with disabilities an equal opportunity to be educated in a regular classroom. While educators might complain that it is becoming increasingly difficult to teach students who already come with a myriad of problems, this does not affect the common knowledge that equality can make a better future for everyone. Inclusion promotes acceptance, anti- discrimination and equal academic opportunities for all, which are pivotal pillars necessary for success. With this said, no human being should be isolated for being physically or cognitively…show more content…
The concept of inclusion is not just placing a child with exceptionality or special need into a regular classroom, but sincerely including them as valued members of the society. In doing this, as educators, it says to society that acceptance is respected and equally enforced. The area of Special Education in Belize is given significance, and its efforts to eliminate exclusion are embedded in the legislation. The Education law in 2000 foreshowed urgency for inclusion and under section 168 protects children with disabilities. As section One of Rule 168 highlights, “No citizen or permanent resident of Belize shall be refused admission to any school on account of race, ethnicity, language political affiliation, and region of country, special needs or because of perceived social and economic status (Education Rule, 2000). There is no argument that academics are important; however, the school system provides more than the engagement and building of knowledge, it also founds people with a greater appreciation through understanding for

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