Persuasive Essay On Inclusive Education

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The worldwide agenda should be insuring that all humans have access to education. On a global scale many children with disabilities don’t attend school for many reasons: it’s not accessible because their home is a distant away, they are faced with social context or in need of higher mobility. Many of these students were educated in separate schools or classrooms. In years past, this was the stigma that was placed on persons with disability. This issue was definitely rebutted by researchers who states that inclusive education is a movement that support the idea that all students should be educated in the general education classroom regardless of their disabilities (UNESCO, 2005). The civil rights law fosters the idea that discrimination against disable individuals was prohibited. As a result, a major accomplishment for them was for special needs children to be educated in an environment that is least restricted. This newly, found commitment relating to special education is a journey that is very difficult for educators, as they have to create an educational world where excellence and equality stand hand in hand (Frost & Pearson, 2004). In an inclusive classroom the mainstream is often adapted to cater to the needs of each learner. It was proven that those students achieve positive academic and social outcomes, when they are educated in a heterogeneous classroom (PBS PARENTS). Special educators believed that if they taught those students in smaller groups, separately, they

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