Persuasive Essay On Inclusive Education

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Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress. Working together is success” (Brainy Quote). From here, the concept of inclusive education, including students with and without learning disabilities as peers in the same classroom, originated. The aim of this type of education is to get students with learning disabilities involved in the society. Teachers and fellow students will also provide help for students with disabilities; in this way, students with learning disabilities will be motivated to study as they feel that they are a part of a group instead of being isolated in special places. Thus, they will achieve higher grades. Moreover, they will be greatly engaged in the society as they are building bridges with their peers from several backgrounds. On the long run, teachers, parents, and the society as a whole would develop. Students with learning disabilities should be included in the “normal” classroom because it improves their academic performance, social behavior, and communication language. One reason why students with learning disabilities should be in the normal classroom is that inclusion improves their academic performance. In the article “Outcomes for Students With Learning Disabilities in Inclusive and Pullout Programs”, researchers in education programs conducted a study to compare the students’ academic behavior between inclusive and special schools. Throughout their study, the researchers took several factors into

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