Persuasive Essay On Induction Technology

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When it comes to stoves for residential and commercial use, induction stove is now considered the best and starting to gain widespread acceptance. Although it remains a niche market and considered more expensive than traditional gas and electric stoves, it’s expected that the market for this technology will continue to grow. There are at least two reasons why the induction technology works. First, induction technology is considered efficient over the traditional gas burners and dated electric stove. According to US Department of Energy, its energy transfer efficiency is pegged at 84 percent, compared to 74 percent for non-induction units. And second, induction technology is safe and convenient. If you accidentally turn on the induction element…show more content…
The cookware set is made from 18/10 commercial grade stainless steel to ensure its durability. The bottom of the pans features an aluminum-encapsulated bottom for even heating. Duxtop also made sure that you no longer have to shop for individual pans and pots. The Duxtop Professional series comes complete with the best cookware for induction, from fry pans, saute pans to boiler and steamer basket. The pots and pans can also work in all cooking surface with different source, from gas to electric. This is definitely a professional cookware set for the professional chef in you. The choice of the best cookware for induction cooktops is equally important when investing in induction technology for the household. Remember, not all cookware available in the market right now will work with an induction stove. Look for a magnetic cookware, or cookware that’s induction-capable. It also helps if you can invest in a complete set of the best cookware for induction cooktops, constructed from high-grade stainless steel with easy-grip design. The choice of induction cookware should simplify your cooking experience, and not spoil the fun in the
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