Persuasive Essay On Infertility Health

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Cure infertility naturally by just making some simple yet healthy changes in your diet. Research experts from the Harvard Medical School recommend dietary changes to boost fertility rate and increase your pregnancy chances.

What Does Fertility Diet Mean

Fertility diet is any changes in your eating habits to treat infertility and improve fertility health. These changes include adding food rich in fertility-boosting nutrients.

The diet does not only optimize your reproductive system, but it also prepares all other body systems for healthy pregnancy. Among these are the following:

• Improves your digestive system to help achieve and maintain your recommended weight necessary and critical to conception

• Activates your body’s natural
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No dietary supplement is effective if you use it as your main source of nutrients.

Whatever is the cause of your infertility, the foundation to treat it and to get favorable results from the treatment is your diet. Even when your situation requires medical intervention (e.g. genital deformities, damaged tubes), your diet is still critical to prepare your body for the procedure and to speed up recovery.

Here is a simple guide on how you can treat infertility naturally with food:

• Choose slow carbs over fast carbs. It is not a wise decision to abstain from eating carbs. You need carbs for a well-balanced diet. The prudent thing to do is to choose the quality of your carbs.

Carbs that your body can slowly digest are rich sources of fiber. This nutrient cleanses your body and removes toxins that interfere with the normal functions of your body systems.

Fiber-rich carbs also regulate your blood sugar and prevent insulin resistance. Blood sugar and insulin are two major factors that affect hormones necessary for pregnancy.

Examples of slow-carb food are non-starchy veggies (kale, tomatoes, cucumber, and onions), fresh fruits (berries, apples, and melons), nuts, sweet potatoes, and
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