Causes Of Influenza

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Worldwide, the flu is casting its toxic shadow among the entire human race. Influenza has decreased the human population in the past, but this year has been the worst by far. Due to people not taking care of their body, not washing their hands, and not going to the doctors for ailments, the flu has gained strength over time. Germs can be good for your body but, if you are not careful, you are able to spread or acquire vile germs like the flu. One cause is people not washing their hands. When you don’t wash your hands, you are allowing little,tiny, microscopic germs to crawl around on your body. They, will do that until, they find a way in. Another cause is, if you kiss someone. Kissing someone is a direct transport of germs to the body.…show more content…
These hospitals are running low because their are so many patients that have the flu. This year it has killed 146 people around the whole world and, it hasn’t even hit its peak yet. CDC(Center of Disease Control ) says, “that the flu vaccine is only 36% effective.” The IV saline bags are made in Puerto Rico, and thanks to Hurricane Maria, there are not that many left in stock. Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico in the dumps. It Has destroyed everything for them. This shows a flaw in medical history, and that we can not totally count on hospitals. There should be a law that, supplies for hospitals should be made in more than one place. Maybe if they did there would be less deaths. The flu is so unpredictable though, and scientist still do not totally understand it. There have been a lot of deaths this year. This year's flu season is turning out to be so intense that the number of people seeking care at doctors' offices and emergency rooms has surged to levels not reported since the peak of the 2009 swine flu pandemic. During the week ending Feb. 3, flu resulted in the deaths of another 10 children, bringing the total pediatric deaths so far this season to at least 63. Latest news show that 1 of every 13 visits to the doctor last week was for fever, cough and other symptoms of the flu. That matches the highest level seen in the United States during swine flu pandemic in
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