Persuasive Essay On Information Technology

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Technology is growing at a fast pace and every day we see a new product or service that is available. Many times it is hard to even keep up with the latest phone, computer, game console, or software. There are so many different gadgets to choose from and even the internet is on information overload. As a result, we can no longer truly expect to have privacy. However, does all this new technology really benefit us? Will we allow technology to overtake our world? We can already see the ramifications of so much technology. Adults and children have become stagnate which is affecting their health. On the other hand we can also see all the good technology can do. Big Data There are many different definitions for Big Data. SAS (n.d.) an analytical software company describes it as, “a popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured.” Many think Big Data just came into existence but it has been around for years. Banks, retail, advertisers have been using big data for marketing purposes. Tracking consumers’ habits in many different aspects of their life has allowed them to gear specific products in a specific manner. The Big Data I speak of is basically new. It is the data being created by all the electronic medical records the medical industry has begun to utilize over the past few years. With the mandate from Congress every hospital in the country had to install software to utilize as electronic health

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