Persuasive Essay On Innocent Juveniles

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Juvenile Offenders Are Not Innocent Children
A teenager kills his parents, another even younger boy kills his teacher by bringing a gun to school and fatally shooting him. Do these juveniles deserve a second chance? The simplest answer is, no. There are juvenile offenders that have rehabilitated and maybe do deserve parole. But most will not rehabilitate and will continue their life of crime if they are granted this. The age of a person should not be a factor, the unknowingness of their actions of what is right and wrong will always be present when they commit a crime, and the “underdeveloped brain” argument is also not very true.

Teens that commit heinous crimes such as murder, rape, and other similar crimes should be sentenced to life in prison. But with the possibility of parole should be present, and for the most heinous crimes. It is not likely that parole would be given. I believe that most offenders will not rehabilitate and should not be given another chance. But for those who go through all of the steps that are offered to them to redeem themselves. Parole should granted and if they prove that they have rehabilitated, those few should be given that chance. But for the most part, for the most wicked juvenile's, parole should not be given to them.Adults that have committed crimes that
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Although that the possibility should also be there, there are a few that will completely rehabilitate. But most will not and should deserve to stay incarcerated for the rest of their life for taking a life or other monstrous crimes. These juveniles that commit horrible crimes are not brain dead, but the violence-loving culture that is a part of our society is a part of it. It is not a solid argument for juveniles that commit heinous crimes. Knowing what is right and wrong is not hard to grasp. There are consequences and someone will have to face them no matter their
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