Persuasive Essay On International Adoption

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International adoption is highly debated topic today. Many of you may know someone who is a product of an adoption service from within the United States but the number of internationally adopted children is much lower. However, this number is increasing and international adoption is playing a bigger role in American society and shaping our interaction between cultural lines. International adoption is an important part of American society because of its ability to provide citizens a chance to have children that otherwise would not be able: Couples of same-sex marriages, single people, and infertile women now have the chance to be a caregiver to these children. International adoption also provides international children a chance to leave their homeland in lieu of a more stable environment. There were 6,441 international adoptions in the year of 2014 (Rodden). International adoption is more common today than ever before but it was not always an option. International adoption was not around until after World War Two. Establish after World War 2, International adoption in North America explodes, primarily as a philanthropic response to the devastation caused by the war. International adoption initially involved children moving from orphanages in Europe to North America (Mather). The reason for adoption from Europe to America is that Americans were obsessed with having the “perfect” adoption. This meaning a white infant, who would develop normally and fit well into society. This

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