Persuasive Essay On Interpersonal Relationships

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When Jeremy and Anne started dating a few years ago, they quickly became inseparable. Kissing every 20 metres they walked in Ion Orchard—in Singapore, that 's a lot. At Starbucks they would romantically stare into each other 's eyes, stroke each other 's arms— their Frappuccinos and the hearts of others melted alike. During their public goodbyes, one couldn 't help but screech at them to go book a hotel.

Like most couples in the throes of passion, they were smug, convinced that all the cliches about things slowing down described partners who weren 't meant to be together in the first place. But slowly, they realised that things changed since they first met. Thinking of their relationship, they started to doubt their love for one another. They were still romantically cute and still held hands, but the kissing and the MRT platform clinches faded away. Not long after, their relationship shared the same fate.

They were only 17. And like I mentioned earlier, they were only one couple.

'So there are many other teenage couples? ' Sadly, yes.

I can 't help (a) noticing, and (b) asking myself how could this happen. These kinds of scenarios are becoming more common, and that the main reason for this is that young couples these days mistake the tempting feelings of lust for love. Is this really how interpersonal relationships are evolving in the modern day? It really shouldn 't be.

Lust-What is it?

First, what is lust? Lust is an altered state of consciousness programmed by the

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