Arguments Against Interracial Adoption

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Love Sees No Color Interracial adoption is seen throughout the world in so many different kinds of places and environments. Interracial Adoption refers to parents who adopt a child that is of a different race or ethnic group than the parents are. Many people believe that interracial adoption should not be allowed due to the difference in race, cultural differences, and that a child who looks different than his parents does not feel like they fit in the family. A family is not based on being the same race, but instead who is there to love and support you no matter what. A family learns to accept whatever differences a child may have especially when parents are looking to adopt. Ring Lardner once said, “The family you come from isn’t as important…show more content…
(Goldsmith, 2004.) They see a child of a different ethnicity than their parents and they feel that child is not being brought up correctly because they are being brought up in another culture that is not their own. They think that it is wrong of the parents to adopt that child because they are taking the child away from its roots, where they came from, and who they truly are because of the difference in race and culture. Parents must do research and keep their children with their culture, because knowing who you are culturally has a big impact on your life. Being a multicultural family can open many opportunities. It can be a culturally rich experience if the family chooses to embrace their diversity and expand cultural horizons. (Krueger, 2009.) Some people also feel that there are sufficient numbers each race to not have to adopt interracially. They think there are enough white people to adopt only white babies and enough black people to adopt black babies. That is not the case, because there are so many children looking to be adopted out there, and all different kinds of parents looking to adopt a child. The adoption process would take so much longer if people could only adopt the same race child that they are. Also, today there are couples who are each a different ethnicity, so the agencies would have to come up with some kind of system for that. It would cost time and money, when they could just let people adopt any child of any race they

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