Persuasive Essay On Into Thin Air

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To the leaders of Nepal, Due to the recent events that have occurred on Mt. Everest, I propose that you make the restrictions on getting to Everest more than just monetary. In addition to the fees you should include certain requirements to receive a permit. These restrictions should have to do with the climbing ability or record of the individual attempting to climb any one of your unique mountains. This way it will not only make Everest safer, but also the other mountains of the Himalayas safer. I feel that this is a necessary step to take due to the amount of deaths on Mt. Everest that have occurred as a result of lack of climbing skills of one or more members involved in the accidents. There are many examples of this. One is mentioned in the book "Into Thin Air". A Sherpa had to short rope one of the clients, Sandy Pittman, up much of the mountain and then on the way back down a different person had to short rope her a ways. If she was a better climber, she would have been able to do much of it herself leaving Lopsang (the Sherpa) in better condition to complete what he had to do as a guiding member of the expedition. Energy that was spent helping her up the mountain could have been used to get people in danger down.…show more content…
This is a positive in two ways. First, it can save lives. In the article "Death on Mount Everest" by Stewart Green it says, " The sheer number of people that climb Mount Everest every year also increases the risk factor. More people means the potential for more fatal traffic jams at key sections of the ascent like the Hillary Step on the South Col Route or long lines of climbers following in each other footsteps." So with less climbers the mountain would be more open and allow people to pace themselves as they
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